Welcome to my website. I have enjoyed photography for the majority of my lifetime. Finding new ways to push the creative envelope is my passion. Whether I'm photographing a High School Senior, Corporate Events or Family Portraits, my goal is to make it more interesting than reality.

I have a new fire in my photo belly- Artisan photography while we see this great country in our RV. I might just be on the road. Check the blog! That's where I post our latest adventure. 2014 We'll be on the West coast.

The slideshow feature on each gallery is a great way to sit back and enjoy the show. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon.

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Electric Forest 2013

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Created 9-Jul-13
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Electric Forest 2013

Burning Man 2012

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Created 7-Aug-13
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Movies I've Created

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Created 17-Jul-13
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Mizzou Graduation

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Created 13-Jun-13
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Mizzou Graduation

MBG Lantern Festival

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Created 20-Jun-12
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MBG Lantern Festival